Welcome to Velvet Cakes Patisserie

We are two friends, coming from a beautiful country in the middle of Europe, Czech Republic.

Both passionate about our job and excited about our sweet adventure in Christchurch.

We hope, you are going to love our cakes as much as we love preparing them for you :)

Velvet Cakes is an MPI registered commercial kitchen located in North New Brighton. 

My name is Petra, mum of two amazing kids, who fall in love with New Zealand over 14 years ago.

You can say, cakes are in my blood. My mum is a pastry chef and one of my fondest memories from childhood, are visits to the patisserie each morning, before school. The divine smell of chocolate, my fingers covered in icings and pockets filled with roasted almonds .... I loved every bit of it and love cakes and sweets ever since.

After years of baking just for the family and friends, I decided to step up, take the challenge and do it seriously. And it sure was the boldest and the best decision I have ever made. Once again my happiest moments are being around cakes and smelling chocolate... 

My name is Vojta, I have been living in New Zealand since 2006 and i am proud that i can call myself a "kiwi" now.

I am a chef but have been fascinated by sweets making since I was a little kid. Eventually it became my hobby I mastered over the years.

I believe, if you can turn something you love to do into a full-time job, then you are on the right path to true happiness.